UK PIC Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the UK Public Interest Committee (PIC) are as set out below.

These terms should be read in conjunction with the Charter. They shall be reviewed by the PIC each year and any recommendations for amendment will be considered by the UK National Senior Partner.


The PIC is constituted in order to meet the requirements of the Revised 2016 Audit Firm Governance Code (“the AFGC”).

In particular this includes:

  • Helping promote audit quality;
  • Helping the Firm secure its reputation more broadly, including in its non-audit businesses; and
  • Using best efforts to help in reducing the risk of Firm failure.


  • The members of the PIC are at least three independent non-executives, the UK National Senior Partner and the Head of Quality.
  • The Chair will be an independent non-executive.
  • New members of the PIC are selected by the UK National Senior Partner after consultation with the continuing independent non-executives.
  • On resigning, an independent non-executive shall offer their reason for resigning which may be made public if this is expected by the AFGC.
  • Terms of independent non-executives will end at the date of the General Assembly for Mazars SCRL approving the 2019/20 Financial Statements, i.e. in December 2020, or such other date as may be mutually agreed between the independent non-executive and the UK National Senior Partner.
  • Independent non-executives have a right to report a fundamental disagreement regarding the Firm to the Group Governance Council and if not satisfactorily resolved in a timely manner to the Mazars Group General Assembly and where ultimately this cannot be resolved and the independent non-executive resigns, to report such resignation publicly.


  • There shall be four physical meetings and four conference call meetings during a year.
  • The PIC is quorate when at least the Chair and one other independent non-executive is present.