FM Model Agency Limited in creditors voluntary liquidation

Important notice to all model creditors:

A Court application to determine which monies are held on trust, where the costs of the liquidation and the costs of the administration of the trust should fall, and how the trust monies should be distributed was made and a final hearing took place on 1 May 2019.

Please refer to the Order and Judgment made (downloadable documents below). I would draw your attention to paragraph 3(i) of the Order, which states,

“Any model wishing to assert a beneficial entitlement to the Trust Monies or part thereof must, to the extent that have not done so already, submit a claim in writing to the [Joint Liquidators] with such supporting information as they are able to provide by 4pm on 28 June 2019.”

Please provide details of your claim in writing by downloading and completing the Proof of Debt form below (if you have not done so already).  Please also provide any information and documentation that you are able to that will help the Joint Liquidators identify receipts by the Company that could be due to you, whether received by the Company before or after the date of its liquidation (6 January 2016).  This is important because to establish that you have a trust claim, the Joint Liquidators have to be able to identify the receipt of monies that you are entitled to. We have identified 62% of post-liquidation receipts, but any further information you provide before the 28 June deadline may assist us in identifying the remaining 38%.

If you require further information please contact Rebecca Dacre at or on 01908 257119.

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