Mazars Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

New regulations require that firms with over 250 employees analyse and publish the pay gap between genders. In this, the first annual Mazars Gender Pay Gap report, we present the findings of our business-wide analysis, and set out the concrete steps we are taking to achieve gender parity across the firm.

 Key Findings

  • On average across the Firm, men are being paid more than women.
  • Our analysis tells us that our gender pay gap (as of April 2017) is as a result of having fewer women in senior roles.
  • We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the firm.


We have reported both the mean and median pay gaps for 2017, and these figures are below:

Our mean gender gap is 13.7 %
Our median gender pay gap is 6.3 %
The mean gender bonus gap is 31.8%.
The median gender bonus gap is 22.5%.
Bonuses were awarded to 24.1% female employees
Bonuses were awarded to 21.2% male employees


Next Steps 

We are taking pro-active steps to address the gender imbalance within the Firm: this will continue to be a key strategic priority.

This year, we will be setting measurable goals for both gender and ethnicity, and we will be rolling out inclusive leadership training to all team members.

As well as these measurable goals, we also plan to implement: unconscious bias training across all teams; an increased focus on monitoring diversity data with specific actions and reverse mentoring for women and ethnic minorities.

To view the full results of our analysis and for further detail on initiatives to close the Gender Pay Gap, please download the full report below:

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