Mazars Gender Pay Gap 2017, including Partners

In February 2018 Mazars published its Gender Pay Gap Report for 2017. In accordance with Government guidelines, that report covered staff only. Partners were excluded as they are owners of the business and receive a profit share rather than a salary.

We have now chosen to go beyond the legal requirements and communicate our gender pay gap to also include our partners. We believe this is the right thing to do and that this greater transparency will help drive change.

Gender Pay Gaps

As set out below, we have calculated:

  • The profit share (i.e. earnings) that our partners at April 2017 received for our last financial year which ended on 31 August 2017; and
  • The combined difference between partner total earnings and staff total earnings for both men and women.   

The calculations used are a combination of base pay and bonuses as we believe that this is the best means for comparing partner and staff earnings side by side.

These calculations reveal a partner gender pay gap where male partners received, on average, higher earnings than female partners. This gap arises because we have fewer women in senior roles within the partnership.





Staff – Mazars UK



This is the gender pay gap for staff of Mazars UK entities at   April 2017 calculated on base pay, as previously reported.

Partners – Mazars LLP



This is the gender pay gap for partners of Mazars LLP at April   2017 calculated on final profit share for the financial year to 31 August   2017.

Mazars UK Staff and Mazars LLP Partners



This is the gender pay gap at April 2017 for staff of Mazars UK   entities and partners of Mazars LLP calculated on remuneration including   bonuses.


Our commitment

Mazars is confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the firm and regularly conducts pay reviews to ensure fairness with regard to gender and other diversity characteristics. The firm is committed to driving progress and addressing its gender pay gap in a number of ways – from tailored coaching programmes to champion initiatives and shared parental leave.

Ian Wrightson, UK Executive Head of People and Culture, said: “It takes time to significantly change the make-up of any firm but holding ourselves to account by publically reporting our pay gap details will help drive efforts to ensure all our team members can succeed, thereby impacting positively on clients, employee satisfaction and on society.”

Mazars is taking a number of pro-active steps to address the gender imbalance within the firm at both a staff and a partner level. For example, we have recently signed up to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and will be setting goals to measure our progress.  We are also launching inclusive leadership training, reverse mentoring, and unconscious bias training across all teams, alongside an increased focus on monitoring diversity data with specific actions.

Want to know more?

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender header 1600x500.jpg

Mazars Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

New regulations require that firms with over 250 employees analyse and publish the pay gap between genders. In this, the first annual Mazars Gender Pay Gap report, we present the findings of our business-wide analysis, and set out the concrete steps we are taking to achieve gender parity across the firm.

Download pdf 1.38 MB