Diversity & Inclusion

Our growth strategy has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion: how we perform as individuals has an impact on how we perform as a firm, and our individual performance depends not only on our ability, but on the opportunities we are provided to use our talents.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a challenging, supportive work environment with diverse leadership teams and strong role models, where:

  • Each person is - and is aware that - they are valued for who they are.
  • Team members support and enable each other to learn, grow, develop, realise their potential and choose to give their best.
  • We attract the best talent because we understand what motivates each member of our team, recognise their contributions and support their diverse needs.

Social Mobility

Mazars is a strong advocate of social mobility within the accountancy profession, not only because we believe in fairness,  but because we want to ensure that we always recruit the most talented people into the firm, regardless of background. We are currently working on a number of social mobility initiatives with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the City of London Corporation and Queen Mary, University of London.

Women Returners

Mazars aims to recruit from the widest possible talent pool. Our UK 2020 programme will be launching in April and seeks to attract senior professional women back into the workplace after an extended career break.