Business and Human Rights

At Mazars, we understand the emerging human rights risks faced by businesses operating in a changing, globalised world.
- Richard Karmel, Mazars UK Human Rights Partner

How well are you managing your risks in an increasingly transparent marketplace?

Managing human rights requires meaningful engagement and dialogue with stakeholders including, but are not limited to, its workers, suppliers, communities, customers, governments and investors.

In today’s ever-changing business environment companies are facing:

  • People challenges in operations and with suppliers located all over the world;
  • Expectations and requirements for transparency and accountability from regulators and other stakeholders;
  • A growing need to demonstrate ethical behaviour;
  • Increasing pressure to implement appropriate and effective corporate responsibility policies;
  • Enquiries from business partners and government about human rights; and
  • Activist consumer groups, NGOs and split second global communications and media scrutiny.

The benefits of implementing a social human rights programme

  • Protection of your reputation and brand
  • Reporting that meets with local legislation e.g. UK Companies Act 2006 and Modern Slavery Act 2015, the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive, France’s Loi de Devoir de Vigilance
  • Increased motivation and productivity of your workers
  • Increased quality and sustainability of your suppliers
  • Greater trust between your company and its stakeholders
  • A social licence to operate within your communities
  • Create attraction to new recruits
  • Access to a wider investment community

We Are the Experts

We are one of the leading professional services firms in providing human rights support and guidance to organisations, enabling them to manage their risks and continually monitor their performance.

Mazars is co-lead of the project team that facilitated a multi-stakeholder process that has drafted two new guidance documents for companies to align with the United Nations Guiding Principles:

  • Reporting Framework: a guide for companies about what good reporting on their human rights performance looks like
  • Assurance Guidance: a guide for internal auditors and external assurance providers who provide assurance on human rights performance and reporting.

Mazars was awarded the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) “Audit Innovation of the Year” award for its Human Rights Audit Practice. The IAB Awards recognise and reward leading accounting firms, networks and alliances across the world and are judged by an independent panel of high level accounting experts.

Services delivered by an award-winning team of experts

  • Social and human rights consulting and assurance
  • Help companies identify their current impacts on human rights
  • Identification of salient risks i.e. those that are most severe and likely to occur and which will be material to the business
  • Benchmark against your peers
  • Design and assist in the implementation of appropriate procedures and controls to mitigate against adverse human rights impacts
  • Design an appropriate internal monitoring methodology
  • Assist in the drafting of human rights reports either on a standalone business or part of a wider report
  • Review, track and report performance and recommend industry best practices that are applicable to the company
  • Provide internal or external assurance on your reporting and recommendations for improvement
  • Advise on addressing the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and France’s Loi de Devoir de Vigilance
  • Gender pay gap and diversity reporting