Business. For Good®

As organisations adapt to the complexities of globalisation, a growing strain on natural resources and the environment, the influx of new technologies, use of social media and increased transparency, one thing is clear.

A societal approach to business and ethical behaviour is more important than ever.

Business. For Good® is a global initiative that encourages business leaders to ‘think and act long-term’ in order to enhance business performance and pursue profit responsibly for the benefit of companies, their stakeholders and wider society.

  • Board Charter. For Sustainable Success  – Boards drive the long-term success of an organisation. The Board Charter provides powerful and practical guidance for embedding sustainability at the heart of an organisation. It promotes a mutually beneficial approach – one that has a positive impact on society, as well as enhances business performance – through innovation, employees, customers, suppliers and investors – for long-term economic growth and financial stability.
  • Audit Reform  - Mazars’ campaign for audit market reform has played a pivotal role in influencing policy and instigating change in the UK and EU, but this is only the beginning. As the market responds to the reforms, we will watch closely. Real impact will only come through action.
  • The Centre for Audit Committee and Investor Dialogue (The Centre)  – Run in association with five institutional investor groups, The Centre plays a vital role in ensuring clear and constructive communication between audit committees and their investors.
  • Human Rights  – We’re driving companies and business leaders across the world to manage and address human rights issues in business. Our award-winning team of professionals help embed a genuine respect for human rights throughout an organisation, promoting and protecting the rights of all of the individuals directly engaged in the business.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption  – Our team helps organisations protect themselves from the financial, operational and reputational damage of fraud and corruption and comply with, often complex, national and international legislation.
  • Tax Transparency  – Leading the call for clarity and shaping the response within the profession, Mazars is actively involved in the global ‘fair tax’ debate and our own Tax Transparency initiative. On the ground, our tax specialists help organisations align their tax strategy with their own values and corporate responsibilities.

Mazars' Business. For Good is not just an initiative that we promote externally. The ethos lies at the heart of our business and is reflected in our actions every day. You can find out more about how we treat one another and conduct our business by visiting the other 'About Us' pages.

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Leadership in Corporate Sustainability: Survey and Report 2018

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Businesses need to be on top of sustainability if they want to be seen as a modern, forward-looking firm. Many organisations are rising to the challenge of creating a sustainable business as pressure grows from multiple stakeholders, but there appears to be a wide diversity in approaches to sustainability.

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Leadership in Corporate Culture: Survey and Report 2017

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Setting the right corporate tone from the top is seen as by far and away the most effective way to influence the culture in today’s businesses. Lead by example, and others will follow that lead. But research among European company board directors reveals that this belief is not being reinforced by action on how their businesses behaves.

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9 March 2018 Mazars, the international accountancy and advisory firm, and ecoDa, the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations, have published the results of a survey of directors which looks into the practices of European listed companies in designing their corporate governance structures and disclosing their corporate governance practices, including the application of the ‘comply or explain’ concept.

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The Future Board

As corporate organisations respond to strategic challenge and uncertainty, boards must adapt to successfully steer business toward long-term sustainable success.