Companies, irrespective of their size or legal structure are increasingly under pressure to report on how environmental issues can affect their profitability. This is not only exerted by investors and employees but also stems from the growing environmental awareness and scrutiny observed by community groups and NGOs.

Environmental risks and uncertainties impact to an extent on all companies, and affect investment decisions and consumer behaviour. As such it is crucial to consider both the impacts of a business on the environment and conversely the impact of the environment on the business when running a sustainable business.

Energy consumption, reliance on natural resources or waste management affect performance. Companies that measure, manage and communicate their environmental performance are in a position to understand how to improve their processes, reduce their costs, comply with regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations and leverage new market opportunities.

At Mazars we offer a range of services to support business in their endeavours. With our range of services we support you in:

  • Providing your stakeholders with a better understanding of your business
  • Managing and communicating on your environmental and financial performance in a way that matters