We provide a distinctive range of audit and advisory services to all types of NHS organisations. Our diverse team blends specialist public service expertise with wider commercial experience.

External audit

We are the external auditor of Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Foundation Trusts in the North of England. Our highly experienced team are supported by a strong technical team, well versed in NHS accounting and financial reporting and the Monitor regulatory regime for NHS Foundation Trusts. We use this expertise to support our clients with technical updates, as well as contributing to professional developments across the sector.

Contact: Gareth Davies

Internal audit and local counter fraud services

We have extensive experience in providing both internal audit and local counter fraud services across the NHS. Of key importance to us is the integration of the two services, so as to provide a joined up, co-ordinated assurance service. We believe that we have the skills, methodologies and technological capabilities needed to achieve this, thus delivering a service which is efficient, effective and truly adding value to our clients.

Contact: Mike Clarkson or Andy Jefford

Health advisory

Our health advisory team blends clinical, managerial and financial expertise and experience for the benefit of our clients. Head of Health Advisory, Mary-Ann Bruce, is a registered general nurse, a registered children’s nurse and a registered health visitor and her experience of managing many health services gives her highly credible insight into the challenges facing managers in our health clients. We work with many different types of health organisations addressing a number of the governance, cultural and clinical challenges they face. We focus our help on health commissioners (NHS and local authorities) and commissioning support units (CSUs); mental health provider trusts and acute trusts.

A particular feature of our work is our capability to understand and work across organisational and sector boundaries. A brief summary of some of our services is set out below. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Mary-Ann Bruce


We work with CCGs, CSUs and local authorities supporting them to meet the challenges they face commissioners essential healthcare services. We help make governance understandable for many new to the corporate world and to developing organisations. We offer a bespoke and flexible approach: each client’s needs are different and we provide only what is explicitly required and relevant in each case. What is always the same however is that the support, whether it is a facilitated workshop for clinicians or managers, a mentoring relationship for a manager or a clinical lead, or a critique of aspects of the client’s financial, QIPP or business plans, the work will be carried out by highly experienced and credible consultants.

Contact: Mary-Ann Bruce

Mental health

Many people underestimate the impact that mental health conditions can have on individuals, their families, and society as a whole. We recognise the specialist nature of the services mental health providers deliver by offering niche and expert advisory services. Peter Finn is our lead advisor in mental health. He is the designer of the diagnostic framework for CCGs commissioning community mental health services published by the Mental Health Partnerships network and being used by a number of mental health commissioners. He is a former Board level Director of a mental health trust and he and his team have developed a strong reputation in the sector for high quality analysis and realistic, practical advice.

Contact: Peter Finn

Financial modelling and model audit

The Mazars financial modelling team is a recognised centre of excellence. Combined with our knowledge of health and social care data sets we can provide a service which brings together financial modelling best practice and understanding of the robustness of information typically used in NHS organisations and their partners

In the NHS spreadsheet-based financial models are critical in helping organisations manage complex information in a fast moving environment. However, such financial models can have errors and expose organisations to financial and reputational risk. We can help you to:

  • Review and test your models to determine whether they are accurate and built to best practice standards.
  • Rebuild those mission critical financial models spreadsheets to ensure:
    • they are robust and accurate going forward.
    • no longer reliant on the historical knowledge of the original model builder.
    • dynamic and capable of running different scenarios.
    • have a high impact summary dashboard to allow for effective communication internally and externally.
  • Provide on-going on-call modelling support to your team.
  • Develop and build new models to suit your emerging business needs.

Our senior team have many years experience of financial modelling and allied services and would be delighted to discuss our services with you in more detail.

Contact: Mary-Ann Bruce or Bob Green

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