Tax investigations

Tax investigations can be stressful, costly and time consuming, and with the number of investigations on the rise, it pays to have the best advice.

Mazars' National Tax Investigations Group consists of specialists in a number of areas of taxation. Our team deals with matters ranging from individual tax disputes, to large, complex and high profile cases. We help individuals, companies and trusts selected for investigation - ranging from an aspect inquiry through cases of suspected serious fraud under Code of Practice 9 to criminal investigations.

Our team has many years of experience working in HM Revenue and Customs and private practice and can guide you or your business or company through the investigation process quickly and efficiently. If you are an employer, we can also review your systems and records so you can be confident in them, if approached by HMRC's Employer Compliance division.

Mazars can:

  • advise in connection with any investigation, be it one covering Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Employment Taxes and National Insurance, VAT or an IR35 status dispute,
  • provide expert assistance with a serious fraud investigation initiated by either Specialist Investigations, a Civil Investigation of Fraud team or Criminal Investigations.
  • help manage voluntary disclosures,
  • act on your behalf in respect of HM Revenue & Customs Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.

National contacts

  • Jon Claypole

    Jon Claypole

    Partner - Tax Investigations & Employer Solutions - London

    +44 (0)20 7063 4323 Send a message Profile

  • Dave Jennings

    Director - Tax Investigations & Employer Solutions - Manchester

    +44 (0)161 831 1151 Send a message Profile

  • Tori Magill

    Tori Magill

    Director – Tax Investigations & Employer Solutions - London

    +44 (0)20 7063 4834 Send a message Profile

  • Tony Monger

    Tony Monger

    Director – Tax Investigations & Employer Solutions - London

    +44 (0)20 7063 4628 Send a message Profile

  • Richard Philson

    Richard Philson

    Tax Investigations Manager - London

    +44 (0)20 7063 4919 Send a message Profile

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