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Corporate and International Tax Advice

Operating through a branch/permanent establishment? Find out what it means when an operation does not involve a local incorporated entity but amounts to operating through a permanent establishment (PE).

Year end tax planning tips 2017

As we are living in financially and politically turbulent times it makes more sense than ever to ensure that all legitimate and, often simple, tax planning opportunities are brought to your attention to help you minimise your tax bill.

Improving Tax Transparency for Large Businesses

The 2016 Finance Bill is introducing a requirement for large businesses to publish a tax strategy on the internet an annual basis, covering its approach to UK tax matters. The rules will apply to businesses with a turnover of £200 million or a balance sheet of £2 billion at the end of the preceding financial year. Even where the business is not headed by a UK company, there may still be an obligation to publish a strategy document. HMRC believes that by focusing on tax transparency, it can improve levels of compliance.

Country by Country Reporting

Multinationals with consolidated group turnover of €750m are required to file an annual return. We can help you meet your obligations, take any corrective action that may be necessary (e.g. change in processes and/or systems) and manage risks including reputational risk.

Closing disputes with HMRC

Tax legislation gives the taxpayer a number of ways to challenge a HMRC enquiry including the right to challenge unreasonable demands for documents and information as well as challenge the inspector’s conclusions. However, challenging a decision can be time consuming and costly.

Litigation support services relating to tax avoidance schemes

A change in the law and recent challenges by HMRC have resulted in investors in tax avoidance schemes not deriving the benefit they expected and, more worryingly, facing significant tax liabilities. Read more about how we support clients who are affected by litigation arising from participation in tax avoidance schemes.