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Employee Ownership - The new tax reliefs

Interest in employee ownership is thriving, with more and more businesses in the UK becoming employee owned. Employee owned businesses (EOBs) are wholly or significantly owned by their employees, either directly or indirectly.

Changes to the taxation of dividends

Following the announcement at the Summer Budget, some further details are emerging about the changes to how dividends will be taxed with effect from 6 April 2016. Although there will be some winners from this change, individuals with significant dividend income will pay more income tax.

Is the mix of your workforce cost effective and tax compliant?

Do you know the composition of your workforce and its annual cost? Are the non-employed worker arrangements tax efficient? Would it be more effective, efficient and present fewer tax risks engaging some of the non-employees as employed workers? Are the non-employed worker arrangements compliant with employment law?

Pay as you earn compliance reviews

When was the last time your business had a PAYE/NIC compliance review from HMRC and do you have comfort that your business has adequate process and controls in place to manage your employment tax risks?

Employers' Tax calendar

Download our 2015/16 employers’ tax calendar to stay up to date with all the key tax deadlines. The calendar covers general tax, employment tax, CIS and share schemes dates you can’t afford to miss.