Valuations are an integral part of most corporate transactions, be it for acquisition or disposal purposes, as a consequence of a dispute between shareholders or the need to restructure.

Our valuation services cross a broad range of industries and business types, including public and private companies, hedge funds, banks and government agencies. Services are provided by a team with an in depth understanding of the transactional, regulatory and legal environment.

Our approach

  • We provide expert opinions on a wide range of valuation scenarios
  • We understand the complex factors affecting the value of a business and perform in depth analysis of these factors as part of the valuation process
  • We recognise that all our clients are different, therefore for each assignment we assess the key value drivers, the context for the valuation and any alternative valuation methodologies
  • Our service is objective and independent

Our services

We provide three different types of valuation:

Transactional valuations

  • Transactional valuations for M&A and fundraising
  • Valuations under the Takeover Code (Rule 3)
  • Providing fairness opinions
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Assisting with breach of warranty claims and shareholder disputes
  • Restructuring of Company Assets

Technical valuations

  • Assessing assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS, UK GAAP (including FRS 102) and US GAAP requirements
  • Investments and the fair value of intangible assets
  • Purchase price allocation analysis
  • The issuing of share options to employees
  • Valuing intellectual property

Tax valuations

  • Performing valuations for the purposes of transferring assets within a group
  • Conducting arm’s length valuations for tax purposes
  • Undertaking valuations for capital gains purposes
  • Valuing assets for transfer pricing purposes where transactions cross international tax jurisdictions

The three different aspects of valuations are dealt with by the following partners: