Audit & assurance

Increased pressure on the need for reliable financial information has put the spotlight on audit and assurance services.

Mazars understands the true value that thorough and objective audit and assurance services can bring to a company.

Our specialist teams provide a full range of audit, reporting, actuarial, corporate governance, risk management and transaction support services.

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The underlying value of audit is a means of maintaining the credibility of the business and, for listed companies, the sustainability of its share price value over the long-term. For an owner-manager, a professionally conducted audit is a vital business control and can be offered as part of our overall OMB business advisory approach.

Financial reporting advisory

The world of accounting and financial reporting is continually changing and growing in complexity, particularly with regard to the publication, in the UK, of the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) 101 Reduced Disclosure Framework and 102 The Financial Reporting Standard Applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland that have replaced old UK GAAP from 2015, and, internationally, of the International Financial Reporting Standards 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers and 9 Financial Instruments.

Fraud Risk Management

Fraud cost the UK economy over £73 billion in 2012. Our fraud risk management services help you to protect your organisation from being a victim of fraud.

Monitoring trustee services

Mazars’ dedicated Monitoring Trustee team advises on large state aid, merger control and antitrust cases globally. Our experts deal with competition authorities and apply competition law and economics drawing on their depth of experience as both regulators and advisers. Mazars have acted as monitoring trustee in 40+ cases involving the implementation of virtually every type of structural and behavioural remedy.

Technology & systems assurance

Few organisations can avoid the need to understand and manage technology related risks; whether these are from external sources such as the internet, or from sources within the organisation. Many organisations find it difficult to objectively assess and manage these risks.