Aerospace & defence

Bringing our worldwide expertise and experience to help businesses identify and mitigate risk in a rapidly changing Aerospace and Defence sector.

The Aerospace and Defence (‘A&D’) sector is under continued pressure and challenge. In Aerospace demand has shifted from traditional markets, commodity prices are increasingly volatile and the sustainability of the industry is under increasing scrutiny.

Meanwhile the Defence industry is having to respond to a rapidly changing landscape as security threats both global and homeland evolve. This has driven demand for innovative new products at the same time as defence companies are experiencing intense pressure on costs driven by real cuts to defence budgets across Europe and the US.

To meet these challenges many A&D businesses continue to refine their operational and financial structures to ensure they are sufficiently flexible to meet the rapidly and ever changing needs of the industry, whilst still meeting the needs of the current market. Key themes include;

  • Optimisation of cost structures.
  • Efficiency and security of the supply chain.
  • Methods of financing increased levels of R&D to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness.
  • Achieving / preparing for ‘sustainable’ procurement directives.
  • Expansion into emerging markets such as China, India and the UAE.

In addition companies need to be able to demonstrate that they have best in class compliance standards for which our anti-bribery and fraud offerings are particularly relevant.

At Mazars we have an in depth knowledge of the sector and significant experience of advising clients who range from prime contractors to owner managed businesses further down the supply chain. Our range of services and approach is designed to challenge thought and deliver tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions to assist your business to meet the challenges the industry faces.