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You will find here all publications related to Mazars group.

2012/2013 Annual Report: “Paving new ways together”

‘Paving New Ways Together’ encapsulates the Mazars way of doing business. We believe that collective intelligence is key to developing long term solutions that pave the way to sustainable growth. Key figures, strategy, interviews, case studies: everything you need to know is in the 2012/2013 edition of our Annual Report.

Mazars' Audit Reform Manifesto

Mazars publishes its Audit Reform Manifesto, as part of its continued campaign for an open, vibrant FTSE 350 audit market. The manifesto sets out the next steps for ‘real’ reform as the audit market evolves and emphasises the importance of co-operation and communication amongst all stakeholders.

Discover our 2011-2012 Annual Report, “Driving Progress Together”

True to its mission of strengthening financial transparency, this is the eighth consecutive year in which Mazars is publishing an annual report, voluntarily offering the transparency which is required of all its listed client companies. Our annual report presents the major events of the past financial year, within the framework of the Group's long-term strategies.

Thought Leadership Series: The Asia-Pacific Automotive Industry

Read our recently prepared report which provides an objective view of the present scenario of the automotive industry in post economic crises era in 8 major auto markets of the region while also highlighting the significant trends in terms of production, exports and market landscape.