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Brexit – The tax implications

The result of the recent Brexit referendum, in which the UK decided to leave the EU, potentially has very significant economic implications for the country, in particular the UK tax system. However, this is only the start, as the UK will not actually leave the EU for at least another two years, so whilst there is now a period of uncertainty for business, there is also time for the UK to start taking necessary action.

Tax deductibility of corporate interest expense

HMRC issued a further consultation document on 12 May 2016 concerning proposals to limit tax relief for corporate interest expense. This is a major issue for larger companies and groups which have interest and related financing expenses in excess of the £2 million de minimis per year.

The Panama Papers – A new old story?

It is hard to ignore the revelations in the last 48 hours of alleged tax evasion by the rich and powerful following the leak of a huge volume of data from Panamanian legal and trust services provider Mossack Fonseca. Indeed our own Prime Minister, David Cameron faced questions about his father’s historic financial links to the Central American country.

Beware the Budget Day after the Ides of March

What's in store for this weeks UK budget? Nestling between the infamous anniversary of a leader being stabbed in the back and the pretext for partying that is St. Patrick’s Day, George Osborne may be hoping that his Budget on 16 March will be perceived both as a coup and a cause for celebration. With the apparent recent schism between senior cabinet members around Brexit, this Budget could provide an opportunity for the Chancellor to demonstrate leadership. Will property, non-doms small businesses and corporate tax prove to be the pawns in competing visions of the UK’s future?