We are currently developing plans for enhancing our environmental management programme. The next stage of our environmental programme will be shared in due course.


As with any business, sustainability is a core part of our corporate responsibility effort. We are currently working with external bodies and consultants to formalise our sustainability policy.


In recent years we have moved into new offices in Birmingham, Milton Keynes, London and Manchester. As a result of moving to more modern, environmentally-friendly premises, we have significantly increased our energy efficiency. Our facilities management team is working with our respective suppliers and building managers to continue working towards being as energy efficient as possible, by looking at all aspects of building management from lighting and heating, to catering and cleaning. We are also looking at a firm-wide initiative to reduce the amount of printed material that is generated on a day-to-day basis.


We encourage the use of video-conferencing whenever it is practical rather than physically attending meetings. We also encourage the use of public transport when visiting clients whenever possible.  Staff are discouraged from flying unless absolutely necessary, and we believe that improvements in technology and wireless communications will make options such as “Skype” the primary option and “sky” the secondary option!


We have implemented better waste management practices which have led to more recycling. Our individual offices are encouraged to adopt responsible practices when dealing with waste, and our suppliers are expected to optimise the way that they handle waste management. Common initiatives such as waste bin segregation have been established and our confidential waste is all recycled.


We expect our suppliers to be at the leading edge for best practice and energy efficiency, and this is reflected in our procurement choices and specification.