Diversity awareness is important to Mazars, and the firm has engaged an external consultant called Linbert Spencer to consider our vision for diversity and inclusion and how this links with our values. Diversity and Inclusion is important for us as individuals, for our clients and for the firm.

We can all benefit from diversity and inclusion. How we perform as individuals has an impact on how we perform as a firm. Our performance depends on our ability and the opportunities we are provided to use our talents. Also important is how we are treated, which multiplies the impact of our motivation and opportunity. D&I is part of that treatment and therefore it can have a positive impact on the firm’s bottom line.


As you know, D&I isn’t about treating everyone in the same way, it’s about recognising that everyone is different. Our Diversity and Inclusion vision is of a challenging supportive work environment with diverse leadership teams and strong role models, where:

  • Each person is, and is aware that they are, valued for who they are
  • Team members support and enable each other to learn, grow, develop and realise their potential; and choose to give of their best
  • We attract the best talent because we understand what motivates each member of our team,recognise their contributions and support their diverse needs.


We are strong advocates of social mobility in the profession  both on grounds of fairness and ensuring we recruit the most talented people into the firm. We are currently working with the City of London Corporation, the Institute of chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the University of East London on social mobility initiatives especially centring around graduate recruitment.