About Us

Our values are:

We have defined three core business convictions on which we hang these six values and have defined a number of behaviours that we would expect to see if we were living these values. We call these behaviours “applied values”:

Relationships are everything.

We respect those we work for and with.

We value the cultural diversity of our clients and colleagues.

  • We are a meritocracy, providing coaching support and inviting candid challenge in equal measure.
  • We listen to every voice, encouraging initiative and innovation.
  • We communicate honestly, effectively and promptly with every client and colleague.
  • We prize unselfish ambition, valuing collective success ahead of personal achievement.
  • We build strong and diverse teams, having confidence in who we are and what we do.
  • We strive for an environment where every team member and client feels valued, respected,
  • included and understood.

Excellence is a mindset.

We take responsibility for the needs of our client and the quality of our work.

We provide continuity of service.

  • We make every effort for both external and internal clients and never get lost on the extra mile.
  • We serve our clients with a personal touch, backed by our big experience.
  • We provide consistent technical excellence and brave innovation where required.
  • We take time to understand what makes each client unique and see their challenges as our own.
  • We are in this for the long term, building the Mazars brand and deepening client relationships.
  • We are enthusiastic brand ambassadors to both external and internal clients.

A power for good.

We demonstrate independence.

We exhibit integrity in everything.

  • We make a difference in the lives of our colleagues, clients and communities.
  • We do what we say and execute promptly.
  • We hold one another to account for our personal and team integrity.
  • We bring humanity to our professional service.
  • We always think independently, and in our roles as auditors and advisors we act independently.
  • We offer to our colleagues timely, frank and honest feedback.


Our Corporate Responsibility effort is led by Anthony Carey, a Partner in the business.  Anthony has built a National Steering Group of people across the UK who have agreed to promote and manage CR activity at a regional level, and contribute to the national effort by reporting and sharing initiatives and best practice.


Paul Hearn - Scotland

Steve Davies - Leeds

Tim Askham - Liverpool and Manchester

Ann Bibby - Birmingham/Midlands

Stephanie Cannon - Milton Keynes

Rupert Livingstone - London

Ginny Massey - Sutton and Brighton

Sara Bradshaw - Bristol, Poole and Southampton

There is also a national volunteer group which works with the Steering Group. The volunteer group efforts are co-ordinated by the individual Steering Group members.


At Mazars, we know that corporate responsibility and sustainability are fundamental to our clients’ businesses. We know that our clients expect us to be able to demonstrate that we share their values and commitment to making a positive contribution to the communities and world around us. This is just one of the reasons that we devote so much time and energy to our efforts. It is important to us that the impact we make on the communities in which we operate, as well as the clients we serve, is both tangible and meaningful.


Mazars corporate responsibility efforts are not limited to the UK. As a global business with offices in 69 countries, we are committed to harnessing our efforts on a global scale. For us, what makes corporate responsibility really special (or Partnership Social Responsibility, as it is often referred to by our international colleagues) is the ability to have a local impact in multiple geographic locations.  Every situation, project, activity is unique. From the people who participate to the communities and organisations that benefit, we are proud that collectively we can be a power for good. Occasionally, we are able to get involved in broader initiatives, such as through our sponsorship of Your Big Year.

Our active involvement in the corporate responsibility agenda in the UK is matched by programmes in a number of countries implemented around four key areas in line with our values. The areas are:

  • Reduction of Climate Change Impact
  • Respect for employees and well-being at work
  • Commitment to society and community
  • Development of sustainable services.

In 2011 Mazars became a signatory to the UN Global Compact at www.unglobalcompact.org